Top 3 Diet Programs Loved By Celebrities


What are the top 3 diet programs trending with celebrities today?

Every page you open over the internet, there is an ad saying: The Best Diet Program Ever. All 1,000 diet programs formulated by doctors, nutritionists, food experts and such are the “best.” When you say the “best,” it’s supposed to be just one, right? Then, why do all companies claim that they are the best? There can be a lie here, somewhere.

Anyway, let’s kick the term “best,” for now, and see the benefits of such diet programs. Three of the most popular diet programs out there is the Paleo Diet, the Vegan Diet, and the Low-Carb Diet. These three diet programs are a favorite among celebrities. For one, yes, they’re expensive. And it works too, according to the rich and famous. But it’s not perfect.

To know more, here are those diet programs, as mentioned:




It came from an idea that humans of this modern day and age are the same Paleolithic beings of millenniums ago. What did people from the Old Stone Age eat, anyway? Well, they feasted on red meat, whole foods, vegetables (sometimes raw), various fruits, healthy nuts, and seeds. Processed meat is to be eliminated from the diet, and sugar is also disallowed. If you are on the Paleo Diet, you can’t eat dairy food, as well.


Benefits of the Paleo Diet

  1. It is the go-to diet for celebrities who want to lose weight. Megan Fox lost 23 pounds of baby weight due to Paleo. Matthew McConaughey looks hotter than ever because of this diet. (Have you seen his ripped body?) It can tighten the belly area and ultimately, lead to a smaller waistline.
  2. It can regulate your cholesterol levels and control the bad cholesterol.
  3. Your glucose and triglycerides will also improve, as well as your blood pressure.


What it lacks: The Paleo Diet is not complete. People following this diet program lacks nutrition in the wheat, grains, legumes, and dairy department. While it may facilitate weight loss, it cannot be used for long term.





Being vegan is a way of life and not just eaters of fruits and veggies. They don’t want animals to get hurt, and that means avoiding its consumption. Vegans are also environmentalists. They help in improving Mother Earth by eating all-natural foods only. Anything animal-derived like eggs, milk, and especially meat are off the menu. It is the strictest form of vegetarianism, the Vegan Diet.


Benefits of the Vegan Diet

  1. A person’s body mass index is significantly lower compared to others who are not vegans. Take, for instance, Alicia Silverstone. She is very fit and fab at 40-ish. All of it due to her vegan lifestyle. So, yeah, it is an effective weight loss program.
  2. Studies show that a religious vegan diet follower can lose up to 10 pounds in roughly five months. It was true for Emily Deschanel. She lost weight after having a baby, thanks to her Vegan diet.
  3. Foods in this diet are often low fat and low calorie.
  4. Type 2 diabetes is kept at bay.
  5. Heart-induced illnesses and cancer are also avoided by maintaining a vegan lifestyle.


What it lacks: They don’t eat meat products, and this means, they lack nutrients like iron and Omega-3.





If you want to lose weight, cut down your carbs. The low-carb diet a very simple and effective weight loss diet program. The body will “attack” the fat stored within if there is a shortage of carbs. It is the reason why people who follow this program lose so much weight.


Benefits of the Low-Carb Diet

  1. Obese and morbidly obese people are recommended to follow this diet program.
  2. It will tighten your abs because belly fat is used as an energy source. Look at Kim Kardashian for inspiration. This woman is the definition of healthy hot! Her post-baby body is “real,” and what a real mother should look like after giving birth.
  3. Low-carb eaters easily get full, and their appetites are controlled. It is one of the observations by Halle Berry, as she follows her keto diet (also a low-carb program).
  4. Heart ailments will not be a problem anymore.


What it lacks: Cholesterol levels may shift to the “bad” state when on a low-carb diet. It’s not for everyone, as well. Some people can’t function properly during the day in this diet program.