Too Much Exercise Can Cause Damage



Exercise is an important factor when people think about maintaining a healthy standard of life. All kinds of people whether fit or fat are advised to exercise for some time during the day. Exercise is often understood as an activity in which a little ‘pain’ must be borne to ‘gain’ good health. But a question that stands is, how much pain should be endured? Just as too much of anything is not good, the same is the case with exercise.

The following are some of the harmful effects caused by over exercising.


People who exercise regularly for long periods of time are advised to keep their body hydrated. This is done to make sure that the level of fluids in the body does not become lower than the required amount. While exercising, the muscles of the body undergo a lot of work and stress. Due to this, people sweat a lot and this is considered good, as this is a way for toxins to leave the body. However, most people ignore the fact that sweating also leads to a loss of water and salts from the body. Too much exercise may cause the person to get dehydrated. It may also cause the person to lose consciousness and faint in severe cases.


Insufficient consumption of food

Often people exercise in order to lose weight. In most cases, dieting and exercise are complementary practices, but dieting is often wrongly interpreted. People starve themselves instead of consuming healthy alternatives. When people exercise, the rate of metabolism of the body increases as the body breaks down body fat and converts it to produce energy. It is important to eat food that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates in order to have a balanced diet and to maintain the normal balance of the body. Over exercising may disrupt this balance.

Stress and Fatigue

Exercise causes a strain on the body which is beneficial. However, over exercising may cause harm instead of benefiting the person. Long periods of vigorous exercise may result in severe loss of energy, leading to stress and fatigue. The person may also experience severe body ache because the body does not get enough time to recover and supply the required amount of oxygen to all its parts. Feeling a bit tired after exercising is normal, but if this reaches a degree that is unbearable, then, the entire purpose of exercising is defeated. Over exercising leaves the person thoroughly drained and unable to perform any other tasks.


Gastrointestinal Disorders

Over exercising causes a redistribution of blood supply to the muscles that are working instead of the blood being supplied to the gut. This causes inflammation of the gut and severe stomach ache. It also increases the chance of getting gut injuries and other functional problems. As a result, there is reduced blood supply, the gut cells may die, and the walls of the intestine may lose their layers. Once there is a leak in the gut, intestinal bacteria can enter other parts of the system.This may have certain serious effects on the body causing various dysfunctions and abnormalities.

Problems in Bowel Movement

Difficulty in bowel movement or constipation occurs when the bowels have remained in the intestines for a long time. Exercise leads to loss of body fluids in large amounts in the form of sweat. The body tries to recuperate this shortage of fluids in the body by absorbing fluids from stools, which makes stool hard, dry and difficult to excrete. Over exercising will obviously cause a more rapid loss of water from the body in high amounts. Hence, it causes problems in bowel movement which is accompanied by severe stomach ache and discomfort.