Tips On Downsizing Your Family Home

Leaving your big family home for greener pastures but needing to stay at a smaller house comes with various advantages and disadvantages. A couple of benefits you will notice is that there will be a lot fewer things to organize and that your bills may get halved as well. However, it also entails that you most likely need to get rid of some belongings to fit the rest in your new place.

If that sounds like a tough project for you, here are a few tips on how to downsize your home.


1. Study The New Space

The first thing to remember is that the items that can go in your brand-new house depend on their size. For instance, in case your new living room is merely eight feet long and eight feet wide, it is not advisable to add a sofa and a center table that measures more than half of that since they will take up all of the available space. You may need to jump over the furniture to go from one room to another if you insist on doing so. A small bedroom cannot have a king-sized bed either, primarily if you wish to put a closet in it. Try to use the same ideology before bringing other appliances to other parts of the house.


2. Take Note Of All Your Possessions Three Months Before Moving

Considering you have been thinking of moving for less than a year now, you should allow enough amount of time to make an inventory of everything at home. Prepare three big baskets from the start wherein you can place items that you want to keep, donate, or dump in the trash. Get plenty of sticky notes as well, which you may use to label the appliances that will either go in the moving truck or your car. Whenever your schedule isn’t too tight, you should also begin packing your stuff. This way, the process will become fast as the movers will merely have to load them in the vehicle later.


3. Look For Self-Storage Units Near Your New Place

When you relocate in another city in which the cost of living is almost as high as your monthly salary, you will perhaps prefer to find a small room instead of a big apartment. That is especially true if you are only staying there for at least a couple of months. Assuming you don’t want to sell or give away a significant portion of your possessions, though, it is ideal to rent a storage unit. That is more cost-effective and practical than either getting a larger space or cramming all your stuff in a studio-type housing.

Of course, to ensure that your belongings will be safe, you should find a local storage company that’s trusted by many. You may scan reviews and testimonials on the internet to know about a specific provider or ask family and friends for recommendations. Similarly, moving companies usually put storage units on lease – you are free to inquire if the company you hired offers that service as well.


4. Ask For Your Loved Ones’ Opinion Before Letting Go Of Various Items

Whether you are going to live in another house by yourself or with someone else, you should not decide on throwing away some of your belongings without asking your loved ones for their opinions first. It may seem like a great choice to clear your room and send everything in donation centers, but there might be items that you or your other family members can still use. In truth, there are cases in which people let go of a couch or a bicycle without consulting the folks around them, and then they end up regretting the decision since it will be embarrassing to try to take them back again. Remember that although the items are yours, it may still be beneficial for you to hear more than one person say that you are doing the right thing.


5. Make Money Out Of Items You No Longer Need Or Want

Another reality that some folks forget is that not everything you no longer want or need has to go to Salvation Army or Goodwill. It is not wrong to try to make money out of your belongings, primarily when you can use the extra cash for the move. The easiest way to do it is by opening a garage sale and selling your branded clothes, shoes, and bags. In case you own antique pieces or collections of the rarest toys or coins, you may be able to auction them off. Assuming you cannot find buyers locally, you can post an ad online or ask your friends or relatives to help you sell them.

Final Thoughts

Downsizing your family’s home and moving into a new one, as you can see, is only daunting in the beginning. However, once you follow the tips mentioned above, you will realize that it’s doable even on your own.

Good luck!