Must-Try Healthy Restaurants In New York



If you’ve spent the winter months living and working in New York, you will surely appreciate the coming of spring. Hibernation is a favorite hobby of New Yorkers when it’s freezing cold, which is why when it’s over, they can’t wait to get out into the sun and go brunching with your friends. You begin texting them, wondering if they’d be as eager to bond with you, and then they ask you where to eat.

Where you and your friends will go depends on your mood usually, right? One day, you can be super hungry and then the next day you just want some coffee and chatting. Or who knows, your friends might be up for just Instagram-worthy food.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants in the city that are popular for their healthy and equally delicious recipes which we also found in a website like FamilyHype, and Their menus were created for people who crave food but are especially conscious of what they feed their bodies with. So read on and start planning where to go today and the rest of the week.

When You Want Brunch After Working Out: West Bourne

A relatively new café, West Bourne welcomes everyone with the Los Angeles vibe in him or her. Roasted banana yogurt with turmeric and cacao is among the crowd’s favorite here. Most gym enthusiasts also come for their scrambled eggs combined with shallots, pickled onions, and avocado plus a dash of hot sauce. They vow that food in West Bourne is just perfect – tasty and healthy at the same time – especially right after sweating it out.

When You Crave For Salad But You’re In A Hurry: Tender Greens

This popular restaurant is located in the Flatiron area and caters to New Yorkers who love Shake Shack by Danny Meyer. It’s the first branch open in New York, and quickly their lobster salad and delectable sandwiches are becoming overly famous. You can use them as takeout, which is why you can drop by Tender Greens if you’re in the Union Square area.

When You Want A Taste Of Aussie Coffee: Saltwater Coffee

The owners of this café at East Village were raised in Sydney, and they share their knowledge and passion for Australian coffee here. You’ll even love coffee more when you get a taste of their coffee mixed with macadamia, oat, or almond. Want something without caffeine today? Choose from their other equally healthy drinks like golden milk latte, vanilla charcoal chai latte, and matcha. Truly, Saltwater has a drink for everyone.


When You Need Instagram-Updating: Broken Coconut

Even before you enter the restaurant, you’re instantly convinced that you have to take a picture to update your Instagram. The Broken Coconut is pretty, with all its colors and delicate decorations. Your friends from out of state would wonder where you are when they see those awesome pictures of you drinking a smoothie in such a beautiful place.

When You’re Suddenly Hungry Just Off Time Square: Mala Project

Midtown New York can be pretty overwhelming, with all the fancy restaurants and bars surrounding the area. That’s why it’s a relief to dine and wine at the Mala Project, a place that serves nutritious food just off of Time Square. Most people visit for their build-your-own-dry-pot of fresh vegetables and delish proteins. Cauliflower, sweet potato, and other Chinese dishes are also available here.

When You Have Vegan Friends Who Want To Meet Up: XYST

Matthew Kenney is the town’s new hero for the vegan New Yorkers. With his unique way of preparing raw food at the XYST, he has successfully populated the city with Mediterranean-inspired dishes like stuffed beet ravioli, kale polenta and mushrooms, and Tunisian spiced squash. Though the options are quite expensive, it hasn’t prevented people to come and unwind, especially for their cocktails made from kitchen leftovers to help save the environment.

When You Feel Like Celebrating The New York Way: Ophelia

Toasting with friends, work colleagues, or even with family at a rooftop bar overlooking the city lights is just an awesome way to make your day. It’s a new place, but it’s worth checking out. Their cocktails are uniquely created, some you can’t find anywhere else, including Ophelia’s Ascension, a tasty drink concocted with Jamaican pepper.


There you are – the top places that you must check out to complete your spring. Who knows? You just might not be able to resist going to these restaurants in winter!