Must Try Beach Workouts


It is the time of the year when everyone is planning to or already flocking to the beaches and resorts, to soak in the warm rays of the sun. Now, even though you are there to catch up some leisure hours and relax away your worries and stress, the beach can also become your personal calorie burning, heart thumping playground! Here are some of the best beach workouts you should try to maintain a chiseled physique.

A run through the beach


A proper warm up is essential before every workout session and even though the beach is a warm place one can think that skipping the warm up exercise is a good idea. Absolutely not! Getting your body ready for the strenuous session ahead is very much essential if you don’t want to end up with a cramped or strained muscle. A good half a mile run on the beach or opting for the more intense end to end run is advised for a more effective warm up of the body. If it is possible, one can also include a few lunges, calisthenics as well as shuffles.

 Piggy Back Rides

It is a known fact that working out or running with some added load on the body for increasing the stress and strain is effective. This is essential if the goal is to make the session an intense one when there is a time constraint. You can apply the same idea in this scenario. If you are with your friends or with your partner, carry the person on your back and start running towards the water. Make it as far as you possibly can, when you fall off your feet, you finished one rep. Repeat the same as many times you can until you feel the burn.

 Workouts on the sand

This should be fun to do as it has a mix of several workouts all packed into an intense yet small session. To start off, drop down on the sand and start with pushups, do as many as you can within 60 seconds. Now for the next 60 seconds opt for the sit-ups, followed by 45 seconds of an elbow to knee crunches and 30 seconds of diamond push-ups. After this session, you would definitely feel the urge to go for a dip. Please don’t! Take some time and lay on the sand to cool off, after your body has returned to the ambient temperature, you are free to take a dip!

Take the dip!

This is a fun little session but don’t be fooled by the word ‘fun’ as it is indeed a leg and lung burner! Run towards the water and submerge yourself till the head is under the surface. After a few seconds spring back up and run towards the shore. This completes one rep. Repeat the same for a few reps and after the session, you would feel the burn in your thighs, and calf muscles.

Walk on the sand and lunge


Lunging is a great workout meant for the toning and strengthening of the thighs and calves. Doing the same while on the beach allows you to enjoy the views as well. A slow beginning is advised, and to do so you need to lean forward with one leg followed by leaning forward with the other. Repeat this action for a minimum of 10 reps and feel the heat!


This is a classic workout for toning the shoulder, biceps, as well as the abdominal muscles. Start off with a plank position and keep your arms fully extended and slowly lower your body until your face touches the sand. Follow up by pushing yourself back up, this marks the completion of one rep. Repeat the whole process for at least 25 reps per set, and include a minimum of two sets per session for muscular arms and shoulders!