Low-Cost Hobbies That Will Make You Happier And Healthier

Aside from surrounding ourselves with positive people, keeping a fulfilling hobby is also a must for a healthier life.  Hobbies play a significant role in keeping our life sane and stress-free even for a while. In fact, every therapist’s advice would involve looking for a hobby that you will enjoy without any pressure and emotional constraints.

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Brisk Walking

Regular walking around the neighborhood or in a nature park has scientific benefits to one’s physical and mental well-being. It is also an excellent outlet to breathe in fresher air, smile to people, and clear your mind once in a while.

To some people, this sounds like a boring task but pairing it with listening to music or having friends to accompany you in this exercise-turned-hobby can turn the game into a fun and exciting one. A simple walk then a picnic after is also a great combination. Take time to reflect either with yourself or with others especially with the people close and dear to you. 


Moving with the happy beats and uplifting music is one of a kind hobby! Especially to the health-conscious individuals, dancing is a form of exercise that will take sweating and twisting of limbs into the level of fun.

Dancing is also a perfect outlet to channel all those bad vibes into fierce dance moves that are indeed satisfying and empowering. It’s your time to feel like the world is your stage and everybody is looking up to you. Escape reality even for one hour and lose yourself in your favorite upbeat music.


This hobby does not need expensive cameras and other costly photography equipment. Your camera phone and some free editing apps online will do! Moreover, photography can change the way you see and look at different stuff in the world. Here, you will learn how to appreciate even the smallest detail and understand how it can significantly change a larger picture.

Experiment with the proper lighting, find your own interesting subject and polish these pictures using different software filters and frames. Convey a message to your photos by adjusting the brightness. This hobby, with some proper education and knowledge about copyright and intellectual property rights, can turn into a money-making business in the long run. 


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Cooking is an excellent bonding activity with your friends or even your loved ones. Divert some of your time and attention from work, problems, and stress to the food you eat. Perhaps, you have seen those diet and meal delivery services that are very calorie- or protein-specific in terms of the ingredients.

You can experiment with different flavors of your choice and be your boss when it comes to salt and sugar content of what you eat. Jot down these recipes and next time, maybe tweak some ingredients to find a new mix of food.

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Writing / Drawing  

It is time that you convert your emotions, feelings, and thoughts into something that you can share to the world. Writing these down in the form of poetry, story, or paintings can also somehow alleviate your feeling. Moreover, humans have this natural tendency to share with others their happy experiences and milestones in life. Simple writing or drawing can communicate these memories to the world.

Let other people know what is on your mind. Who knows, maybe you will find someone with the same interest, troubles, and thoughts as you. Artistic and creative people usually have this own and special support group that distinguishes them from others. 

Anyone, of course, can add social media to these hobbies by, say, publishing their writings and drawings online. Tell netizens about your recipe or cooking ideas. You can also create your own online space or blog to compile these results or hobbies and share it with others. It’s all up to you if you want the World Wide Web to have an archive of your works.

It is when we’ve got nothing to do or look forward to that we start thinking of sad and stressful moments. Boredom is our number one enemy. The above-enumerated hobbies are the most effective way of channeling the negative vibes to positive ones. Of course, having a hobby does not have to be costly. Remember, happiness should not be expensive to be afforded only to the rich!