Importance Of Breakfast for a Healthy Living


According to an age-old saying, one must “eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a beggar”. This saying is meant to emphasize the importance of breakfast. Unfortunately, people are becoming increasingly busy and they tend to skip breakfast on a daily basis. Perhaps, knowledge of the benefits of having breakfast will be able to motivate people not to skip this very important meal.

Benefits of Having Breakfast

Source of energy

The difference in time between dinner and breakfast is the longest. People need more energy to start the day. Many of the food items taken during breakfast are rich sources of nutrients and vitamins. Eggs and whole grain foods contain proteins, amino acids, Vitamin D, etc. which are needed by the body to remain healthy. Also, fruit juices are consumed during breakfast. These include apple, orange, and grapefruit, which are all rich in vitamin C. Further, these food items provide adequate fiber to help in digestion and bowel movement. They also reduce the risk of getting cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.


Improves concentration and prevents mood swings 

Having breakfast always improves concentration and if you skip it, you will find it difficult to function on an empty stomach. People who skip breakfast usually keep thinking about their next chance to grab a bite. Work efficiency suffers because of this. Along with that, an empty stomach is capable of making noises that may make it very difficult to focus on anything else. Having breakfast reduces the chances of mood swings or being in a grumpy mood. People who eat a satisfying breakfast feels less stressed as they have adequate energy to get through with the day’s work.

Prevents starvation, overeating, and obesity

The body does not burn much calories while sleeping. If breakfast is skipped, the body starts to feel that it is not going to get the required food, so it starts storing calories as fat to be able to sustain the day’s activities. Also, when the body gets food after starving it, it consumes more food than the required amount. This could result in overeating and indigestion, which may sometimes develop to unhealthy eating habits. People won’t be concerned whether the food is healthy or not as long as it satiates their hunger immediately. Obesity and other health issues are imminent.

Lowers cholesterol

Skipping breakfast has certain effects on the body. First, the body metabolism slows down, followed by storage of fats in the body for a longer time, then chances of overeating increase, which in turn leads to an increase in weight and levels of LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol due to the ill effects it has on an individual’s health. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy breakfast on a regular basis to avoid an increase in LDL cholesterol.

Increases metabolism and aids in weight loss

The body does not perform any metabolic function while asleep. It starts performing its metabolic function only when food is consumed. If the person eats breakfast, the process of burning calories begins earlier than in cases when the first meal of the day is lunch straight away. Hence, eating breakfast helps the body to start burning fats quicker.

Also, it is wrong to think that skipping breakfast can make a person thinner – quite the opposite, actually. In reality, breakfast aids in weight loss.