Getting Physically And Mentally Healthy: Here’s How You Can Do It Together 

Staying physically and mentally fit can be a challenge, most especially with today’s challenges and demands. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a bit of work, but it can be a very enriching experience. 


Bringing your romantic partner into the equation may help you thrive, not just in your personal journeys, but in strengthening your relationship. Achieving your fitness and mental health goals together can pave way for an equally healthy emotional bond between you and your partner. Having your partner by your side on your healthy journey can make you and your partner fall deeper in love with each other. As Nicole Tammelleo, LCSW-R explains, “Love is not about power and control. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship.”


Here are some physical activities you can employ with your partner and how they can help both of you become not just physically fit, but mentally strong: 


  • Go On Outdoor Dates 

Set regular outdoor dates such as a walk on the beach, running daily along the park, and engaging in sports together. These activities will not only burn calories and get your heart pumping, but it will help bring you closer, initiate a deeper level of intimacy, and decrease communication gaps between you and your partner. Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist notes that “whether you suffer from a seasonal affective disorder or not, the evidence is strong that getting outside just for a little bit can be very helpful.”

  • Prepare Healthy Meals Together 

Grocery shopping and exploring meals together can be a very enlightening journey for both of you. It can raise awareness of what foods you consume. The support you can also get from your partner on your healthy meal plan can help encourage you to make the plan more consistent. Finally, going on a healthy meal plan together means that you have a common goal, and together you are set on achieving it. 


  • Set Up Workout Plans Together 

Setting up fitness routines can not only help build a stronger body, but it can also significantly assist in developing a stronger relationship. Having a partner to engage with during workouts can be a source of great motivation. Also, you are each other’s motivators. Together, you work in achieving your fitness goals, and in encouraging the other to get fit, as well. Working out together is quality time–you strengthen your bodies and your relationship simultaneously. 


  • Track Each Other’s Progress 

As partners, help one another by keeping track of progress. Be aware of bad habits, and work together in eliminating them. Be each other’s encouragers, and maintain a positive outlook on these habits. Make each other appreciate that you value one another’s health and that you are one with your partner in his or her holistic journey towards a healthier well-being. 

  • Eliminate Communication Barriers 

Recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and be open to change. Talk to each other about your health, and realize how it can help further strengthen your relationship. Be mindful that there are no negative motives in setting up a healthy lifestyle together. “Participating together as a couple gives the partners the opportunity to pay closer attention to one another and listen more intimately to their needs, wants, and dissatisfactions, thus establishing a closer bond and a more intimate connection,” says Dana Baduna, PhD, LMFT.


You and your partner have a common goal, and together you are set on achieving it. Besides, it has been scientifically proven that regularly engaging in physical exercise as a couple will not only improve mental and physical health, but it can increase satisfaction and happiness in the relationship.