Essential Nutrients for Every Woman



Maintaining a balance between family, daily chores and professional life is already a hectic feat. Finding time to check on one’s health and diet is something that most women tend to overlook. Keeping a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy routine is important in leading a fit life. The interesting part is that the daily requirement of a female in terms of calories is much less when compared to that of a male. But the demand for certain minerals and vitamins is much higher due to the anatomy and physiology of the female body.

The changes associated with the imbalance of the hormonal levels during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause all pile up to increase the need for a diet consisting of certain minerals and nutrients. If the requirements are not met, then, this might lead to certain health risks such as anemia, brittle and weak skeletal structure, as well as osteoporosis. Some of the essential nutrients that every woman should include in their diet are discussed in detail below.




For maintaining healthy red blood cells, iron is very important as it is the building blocks of hemoglobin in the blood. This nutrient becomes an absolute necessity after a girl starts menstruating, and if the same is not maintaining a diet with an adequate amount of iron, then it may lead to anemia. The resulting factors will include chronic weakness, fatigue, pale skin and less resistance to cold. Iron intake is essential to mothers especially after delivery, as it compensates the lost blood.

Food Sources: egg whites, salt/fresh water fish, leafy green vegetables etc.


The intake of calcium supplements or food items rich in the same is advised to women at every stage of their lives. During the adult period, calcium is essential for maintaining a strong bone and teeth development. During puberty, the female child should be put on a diet that consists of calcium as the primary nutrient. This is due to the fact that at that time the body absorbs calcium for bone and teeth development. If the said amount is not met then deficiency in calcium could lead to poorly developed teeth and weakened skeletal system

Food Sources: fresh water, milk and milk products, broccoli, almonds, fresh green veggies etc.


Low magnesium content in the female body could lead to PMS (Pre-Menstrual Symptoms), Migraines and even Osteoporosis. A diet that contains magnesium in a favorable content should be included in the daily intake which would help the body to deal with osteoporosis and stress.

Food Sources: broccoli, banana, avocado, etc.

Omega – 3

This nutrient provides relief from pain during the menstruation period and also aids in a healthy cardiovascular system.

Food Sources: freshwater fish, walnut, olive oil etc.



It is an important aspect to maintain a diet rich in protein during pregnancy, as this element helps in the formation of amniotic fluid.

Food Sources: egg whites, milk, pulses, chicken, fish, soya bean etc.

Vitamin D

The calcium we consume is useless if the same is not absorbed by our body. This happens if your body is not producing sufficient amount of vitamin D, as the same helps in the absorption of calcium.

Food Sources: Fresh and saltwater fish species like tuna and salmon, and fresh orange juice.