Do Looks Still Matter After Marriage? 

Whenever someone thinks about marriage, we usually think about having a loving home with our partner, having kids, maintaining a career and so on. We have our own set of priorities once we are married, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of these.  




Besides, getting married is not an easy task. However, in the process, we often forget about taking care of ourselves. It is especially true for women since they are expected to multi-task the jobs of being a mother, a wife, and a career woman.  


When we are already married, most of the time we often neglect our appearances, thinking that we do not need to adhere to society’s standard of beauty anymore given that we do not need to please anybody else. However, does looks still matter for your partner after marriage? Can beauty affect how our marriage lasts? Moreover, is it just applicable to women? 


Does Beauty Affect Longevity Of Marriage? 

While most of us believe that love is enough to be able to keep a marriage alive, it might not be the case. A recent report states that in fact, appearances or looks also affects how married couples keep the sparks alive in their marriage.  




However, while most of us might think that this is only applicable to women, it might not be necessarily true, as guys are also expected to do the same thing. It may be on how they present themselves, how they dress, or even how they groom themselves each day.  


Yes, it might be true that the burden is higher for women, especially in patriarchal societies where women’s appearances serve as the status symbol of their husbands, but men are also expected to be presentable for their other halves, too.  


Love still does matter in any relationship, and as the saying goes “Love is blind.” However, the eyes are not, and even if we try to convince ourselves that love can be enough, deep down inside we know that looks still does matter for us. It is that extra added factor whenever we consider our romantic partner. 


How To Look Good For Your Partner 

Some people might think that it cannot be so hard for someone to groom themselves for because he or she used to do it back in the days before being married. However, priorities change over time, and it is inevitable to neglect yourself for some time. However, even though you are already married, you can still start pampering and grooming yourself. Here are some simple steps you can do in redeeming back your good old self. 


  1. Maintain Good Hygiene 

Maintaining proper hygiene such as cleaning your face, shaving your legs, and even as simple as taking longer showers will help you get brighter and smoother skin. 


  1. Dress Up 

It doesn’t need to be a party so that you can dress up. Start flaring up your closet and put on some of those dresses you have, even if it’s just for a date night. 


  1. Exercise And Eat Right 

Doing simple exercises every morning can help you get in shape, and even help you lead a healthier lifestyle. A balanced diet is also a critical factor in keeping a good  





Yes, looks do matter even after marriage. However, the thing is, we should start looking good not only for our partners but ourselves as well. In the end, it’s our confidence that we are boosting, and also our self-worth.