5 Easy Yoga Exercises For A Healthy Living

Yoga is a group of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines and practices that holds its roots back to ancient India. The western civilization is benefited from this knowledge after embracing the same with open arms. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps in the improvement of strength, flexibility, and psychological well-being. Some of the most beneficial yoga disciplines are discussed below.


Meditation using the ‘Om’ mantra

To start off, poise yourself in the Padmasana position. The body should be in a still, calm and relaxed position. After closing your eyes, place your hands on top of the knees and touch the tip of the thumb with that of the index finger. Keep the spine and the back of the neck in completely straight position while keeping the muscles of your body relaxed. Now, take a deep breath and say out loud the word ‘Om’ without pause. Concentrate on the word and keep up the practice for up to five minutes.


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Benefits: Relieves constipation, keeps the circulatory system healthy and the heart strong.



Kneel on the ground and rest your buttocks on your legs. Bring the toes of your feet together and keep the heels spread to the maximum extent. Maintain a straight alignment between your head, neck and spine. Rest your hands on the knees and keep your eyes closed. Remain in this position for a minimum of five minutes.


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Benefits: Keeps a check on pain in the knees, legs, calves, and aids in digestion after a heavy meal.



This is a more relaxed position and is best suited for a person suffering from back and spine pain. To start, lie flat on the ground on your stomach. Keep your hands and legs close to the body. Now bend your legs and bring the heels close to your back, above the buttocks. While placing the chin on the floor, clasp the hands around the ankles. After taking a deep breath, lift your trunk, head, and legs and pull the hands in the polar direction. For supporting the entire body, rely on the floor. Hold this position for as long as you can and repeat the same at least three times.

Benefits: Beneficial for keeping a check on diabetes, back and neck pain.



To start with this discipline, you have to sit in the meditative posture as discussed earlier. Keep your stance upright and maintain an alignment between your head, neck, and spine. Keep your body relaxed and close your eyes. Close your right nostril with your right-hand thumb and breathe in with your left nostril. After breathing in, hold your breath and close the left nostril with your finger and release the right nostril while letting go of the held breath. Repeat the same procedure by starting with the left nostril instead of the right one. This completes one round of the Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. A minimum of 20 rounds is the recommended limit for benefiting from the same.


Source: yogajournal.com


Benefits: This practice ensures that the body is expelled of the carbon dioxide and nourished with an abundant supply of oxygen thereby re-energizing the mind as well as the body.



This is the most relaxing position among the other disciplines discussed above. To start, lie on your back on a flat surface while keeping the hands and feet straight in a relaxed manner. The toes should be stretched out as far as possible and the fingers of your hands curled up naturally as it normally does in a relaxed manner. Maintain an alignment between your head, neck, and spine. Keep this position for a minimum of five minutes.

Benefits: Cures insomnia, removes fatigue and relaxes the body.