10 Basics Inside A Classy Woman’s Closet

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As the great Coco Chanel once said:

“Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”

With this quote, it is safe to assume that every woman must learn how to dress at their best. It doesn’t have to be a designer brand. If you can afford it, then, lucky you! But lots of inexpensive clothing screams “sophisticated.” You just have to know what a “classic” from “fad” is and keep those “necessities” inside your closet for a stylish you.


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Black Blazer

A blazer is not just for cold days and nights. You can use it as part of your professional outfit-for-the-day or look cute for a date. It’s that versatile and at the same time, couturier-like but very feminine. A simple black blazer will work with anything. Pair it with a short or long skirt, mix it with a boyfriend or skinny jeans, trousers, or drape it over your dress – it will look perfect, whatever way you use it.

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Leopard-Print Scarf

You need something animal-like in your wardrobe, seriously. And there is no better way to satisfy that but a leopard-print scarf. Chic Muslim women use it to wrap their head as a hijab. Some bind it on their necks to prevent a cold, but really, it’s just a fashion statement. It stands out.

Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker


Red Flat Shoes

Can you say VA-VA-VOOM!? Red is a solid and seductive color. Not everyone can pull off wearing it and those who are bold, have at least one pair of flat red shoes. Wear it together with a nautical shirt, tapered jeans, and trench coat; you’d look like a model, skinny or plus size.

Style Icon: Emma Roberts


Striped Shirt

And as mentioned above, a modish woman must have a striped shirt in her closet. Not those neon striped ones, ok? It would be best to stick to primary colors like white, blue, red and black. Some even prefer two-color combinations.

Style Icon: Taylor Swift


Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is another basic necessity and can make a plain-looking dress or jeans-shirt combo explode with fire. It can be a gold or silver accessory, or something unusual or intricate. The freedom to choose a statement necklace lies with you.

Style Icon: Heidi Klum


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Little Black Dress

Thank you, Coco Chanel. Because of you, women around the world understand the value of LBD or little black dress. No other item in your wardrobe is as classic as this piece. Black is the model’s color because it makes you look thinner and longer. Hence, the concept of LBD. If there is a specific clothing in your cabinet that needs investing, this is it. Save up for a little black dress (Prada would be lovely), and you will never regret that decision.

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham


Black Tights

We’re back again with “black” items. You must have black tights in your drawer because it can make your legs slimmer and longer. If your dress or skirt is too short, this is the perfect pair for it.

Style Icon: Kourtney Kardashian


Oversized Watch

Most hip and trendy women wear an oversized watch. It can be a gold watch or a leather watch, take your pick. They call it “timepiece.”

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Classic Trench Coat

As mentioned earlier, trench coat. You need one. Choose a trench coat that will give you an A-line shape and if possible, more on the beige-tan-brown hue for added style effect. This classic item will look on a woman of all shapes and sizes.

Style Icon: Blake Lively


Flared Jeans

Every fashion expert agrees to this – you need at least one pair of flared jeans in your closet. Why? It’s flattering. Pair it with wedges or platform shoes for some night time events. You would look great, hands down.

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